I was constantly on the hunt for a natural deodorant that actually worked. As an active working Mom, I struggled to find something that didn't give me a rash, didn't smell like lavender or the latest "cupcake" scent. Nothing would last last a full day without leaving my armpits with a rash or sticky.

In 2014 I started formulating my own deodorant - it was incredibly effective even on the toughest days of meetings; so I started making it for friends, then coworkers and now for you. It especially hit home when I began breastfeeding my newborn and knew I didn't want any harmful ingredients passed on.

Perfected over eight years, and tested over a dozen formulations, I'm excited to offer Pit Sticks to you. Natural, and effective, with sophisticated scents for the busy go getters.

This women owned, made in USA, small-batch deodorant and mists are ready to enlighten your armpits. I'm excited for you to meet Pit Sticks.