As an active working Mom, I was constantly on the hunt for a natural deodorant that actually worked. I struggled to find something that didn't give me a rash, didn't smell like lavender - or worse - the latest "cupcake" scent. Nothing was lasting a full day without leaving my armpits feeling wet or sticky.

In 2014 I started formulating my own deodorant - it was incredibly effective even on the toughest days of meetings; so I started making some for co-workers, then friends, and now for you. It especially hit home when I began breastfeeding my newborn and knew I didn't want any toxins passing on.

Perfected over eight years, and through a dozen tested formulations, I'm excited to launch Pit Stick deodorant. Not only is it natural, and effective, but sophisticated for the working, busy, traveling adults, and parents on the go.

This women owned, made in USA, small-batch deodorant company is ready to enlighten your armpits. We're excited for you to meet Pit Sticks.